Looking up at apartment building

Property Investing

Property investing: Is big better?

Is big better? The way banks respond to larger investors, you’d think probably not....

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Upside down house

My thoughts on property investing in 2011

There is plenty of evidence around us that the Government and businesses like banks are no...

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Magnifying glass, house

How to invest in property if you are a high income earner

If you are on a big fat salary but don’t have the time to invest in property (but want to ...

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Referee pointing, implementing rules

Tough borrowing rules impact property investors

The rules have changed. Today, income is a major factor in bank lending criteria....

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Snake slithering

Investment property snake oil

I'm so excited... Making money is easy! Yeah, right!...

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Rotten lemon slices

Have you been sold an "Interest Rate Swap" lemon?

Business owners and farmers will be familiar with bank bill priced term loans combined wit...

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Wooden toy house stack of coins

Second mortgages

It has become a lot harder to get a mortgage, unless you have a big deposit or equity in a...

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Barber, shop interior

Investing in commercial property

Commercial property investment has been largely overlooked by many investors; however, thi...

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