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27 September 2023

Market update: Is NZ staring down the barrel of a major house price comeback?

New Zealand has narrowly escaped the technical recession that was called a few months back — but Kiwi households are still feeling the pressure from high interest rates. So with an Official Cash Rate (OCR) announcement on the cards for 4th October, what’s likely to happen with mortgage rates from here?

18 August 2023

Market update: OCR stable at 5.50%, but Kiwi are holding their breath for election day

Sticking to the path it laid out for us in July, the RBNZ has opted to hold the OCR steady at 5.50% - and they're saying it might be 2025 before rates start to come down again. But global uncertainties, deflationary forces in China and the upcoming election has everyone holding their breath.

01 August 2023

All eyes on interest rates: Key OCR dates for 2023/2024

As New Zealand holds its collective breath, waiting for interest rates to start falling again, here are the key OCR announcement dates you need in your diary for 2023 and 2024.

28 July 2023

The RBNZ signalled we were done – so why are mortgage rates still going up?

New Zealand banks have increased their fixed mortgage rates by about 0.25% over the last few weeks - despite the latest signal from the RBNZ being that hikes are (likely) done and dusted. So, what's that all about?

13 July 2023

Market update: No move is big news, as OCR hike streak officially comes to an end

And there it is, finally - after 12 back-to-back increases - the break in interest rate hikes we’d all been waiting for. The question now is, when will rates start to fall again?

11 July 2023

Opinion: The RBNZ’s next move will be a rate cut - and to say otherwise is ludicrous

Back on 24th May, Adrian Orr said OCR hikes had done their job, and we'd hit the peak. So why then, six weeks later, are wholesale markets predicting we'll need another OCR hike, maybe two, in order to get inflation truly under control? Chief Squirrel, David Cunningham, shares his thoughts on this, and explains why he's pretty sure the wholesale markets have got it wrong.

07 July 2023

A big test of New Zealand's banking oligopoly

Earlier this week, one of NZ's big banks hiked its fixed term interest rates to levels that (many believe) are totally unjustified by current market conditions - and copped plenty of criticism for what was deemed nothing more than a "profit grab". Despite that negative reaction, a number of our other major banks have now followed suit. So, is that all the proof we need of the banking oligopoly in New Zealand? Chief Squirrel, David Cunningham, certainly thinks so.

22 June 2023

Housing market shows signs of life

First home buyers are returning to the market despite higher mortgage interest rates. Even so, there is still no sign of a lift in buying by investors. So will 2024 shape up to be a good year for buyers?

13 June 2023

Green shoots in the housing market are continuing to grow

There is an increasing number of signs pointing to a turnaround in the housing market, and quite possibly even gains in house prices and sales. However, the question remains: What factors are driving this shift to happen sooner than anticipated?

26 May 2023

RBNZ signals that the OCR has finally peaked. How will this affect the housing market?

The Reserve Bank have said that 5.50% is still as high as they think they will need to take the cash rate. So does that mean the housing market now suddenly picks up strongly straight away? Or will it sit flat for perhaps three years as a lot of people optimistically believe?

24 May 2023

OCR analysis: Finally, we've hit the peak

The Reserve Bank has today pushed through a 0.25% increase to take us from 5.25%, up to its peak forecasted OCR of 5.50% - while also making it clear we've hit peak rates for this economic cycle.

23 May 2023

Another OCR hike is not what we need: An open letter to Reserve Bank Governor Orr

There’s a pretty unanimous sense across the financial markets right now that there's another Official Cash Rate (OCR) hike in store for us this week. Chief Squirrel, David Cunningham, says that's the last thing we need.