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14 June 2022

The dangers property investors face by having all their eggs in one basket

For those who have strayed down the treacherous path of having all your loans with one bank, the consequences have started to bite.

14 April 2021

Covid impact on people reliant on interest income

Interest rates offered by banks are low as a result of the pandemic. The Government has helped out lots of parts of society, and we’re all grateful for this. Have they helped those reliant on interest income?

14 November 2018

Act now on 3.95% mortgage rate specials | why they won’t last

Most media commentators are hooked on the new ‘rate war’, and the question being asked is if this is the new ‘norm.’ It isn’t, and more than that, you could easily miss out if you procrastinate.

17 October 2018

What is a mortgage cash back?

It's become common practice in NZ for banks to offer cash backs with new mortgages, whether that's a refinance or a new purchase. One of the advantages of using a mortgage broker is they can help maximise your cash back.

11 May 2018

What's happening with commercial lending?

Squirrel is often talking about tight credit conditions in terms of residential property, but what’s happening in the commercial space?....

19 September 2017

How banks will be disrupted

For all the talk of new threats, banks still dominate our world. My view is that this is about to change.