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06 June 2024

Property investors: Got your mortgage with a non-bank? This golden opportunity could save you thousands

For the first time in a long time, NZ's main banks have opened their books to like-for-like refinances - a.k.a. refinances from non-bank lenders. If you're with a non-bank, and heading for a refix sometime soon, it could be an opportunity to save big on interest rates.

08 May 2024

Rodney’s Ravings: Why the market will likely lead the fall in interest rates

The Reserve Bank has a tradition of being too slow to hike and cut and is likely to continue this tradition because of its poor forecasting and lack of understanding of what is going on at the coalface of the economy. The market, however, is usually quicker to respond — will it be the one to lead a fall in interest rates this year?

11 April 2024

Ranking New Zealand's best and worst savings accounts

Not all savings accounts are created equal, and it's worth knowing what all your options are so you can get set up with the one that best suits your savings goals. Here, we've pulled together a wrap-up of the different savings accounts available across New Zealand's main retail banks.

19 March 2024

What are DTIs?

Later this year, a new set of lending restrictions - DTIs - will come into effect in New Zealand, setting rules for how much people can borrow to buy a home based on a multiple of their income. Here's what you need to know.

19 March 2024

A submission to the Reserve Bank on proposed DTI limits

The Reserve Bank recently asked for feedback on a new set of lending restrictions - DTIs - it's looking to introduce later this year. Here's what the team at Squirrel had to say as part of our submission.

15 March 2024

Fair game? How Kiwi are about to get a fairer deal on their banking

How do you define "fair" in the world of banking? Well, some new legislation - launching in 2025 - is about to lay down the ground rules. Here, Squirrel COO, Dave Tyrer, talks through the changes and what they could mean for banks and bank customers.

08 March 2024

Our top tips that could save you thousands on your mortgage

Over the life of your mortgage, you'll fork out at tens - probably hundreds - of thousands in interest payments. But there are tricks to help you get your home loan paid off faster, and save a packet.

27 February 2024

The future of open banking: A submission to the Commerce Commission

Read our response to Payments NZ's recent application to the Commerce Commission, seeking an extension of its remit to oversee the development of a further framework to guide the delivery of open banking services in New Zealand.

19 February 2024

How banks decide what your savings are worth: Part 1

Competition means it can really pay to shop around — and it’s the same deal when it comes to getting the best interest rate on your savings.

19 February 2024

How banks decide what your savings are worth: Part 2

Do banks price their term investments strategically, to try and tempt you to go for one term over another? Check out what our COO Dave Tyrer has to say about it.

21 November 2023

Why are floating mortgage interest rates so high?

While floating rates are the norm in Australia, less than 10% of all Kiwi mortgages are on floating rates. The reality for Kiwi is that floating rates are consistently so much more expensive than fixed rates. So what's causing this, and should they be so high?

25 October 2023

The bank profit bonanza during our cost-of-living crisis

Despite the Reserve Bank holding off on increasing the Official Cash Rate, ANZ has just announced it’s lifting its home loan interest rates across the board by between 0.10% and 0.26%. So why have they increased their rates, and is the move justified?