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10 April 2024

Rodney's Ravings: RBNZ doesn't need new labour market indicators, it needs better judgement

New research from the RBNZ highlights the four key indicators that (it believes) give us the best idea of where inflation is at, and where it's headed. But Squirrel guest blogger, Rodney Dickens, reckons it's the RBNZ's judgement that needs work more than anything.

06 March 2024

Rodney's Ravings: The major flaws in the Reserve Bank's OCR decision-making

Once inflation's got its hooks in, it can take years for interest rate hikes to trickle through and reverse the damage. But, as Rodney Dickens explains, a more proactive approach from the RBNZ could go a long way to solving that problem.

06 June 2023

Rodney's Ravings: High immigration won't be a magic fix for labour shortages

There's a lot of debate happening right now as to whether rising immigration will be a force for good, or evil, when it comes to easing pressure on New Zealand's too-tight labour market. While many (the Reserve Bank included) are claiming it'll be a positive - a look back at history would seem to suggest otherwise.

12 May 2023

Rodney’s Ravings: There’s time to prepare for the next house price boom

The unemployment rate doesn’t just tell us where the economy’s at, or where inflation’s headed... it can actually also help to predict when house prices will take off again.