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Not one to pull punches, Rodney says it as it is—and he has the stats to back it up. As the founder and managing director of Strategic Risk Analysis Limited, Rodney has an impressive track record with analysing and predicting economic growth and movements in the housing and labour market.

12 June 2024

Rodney's Ravings: NZ interest rates should fall ahead of US rates

Historically, and particularly in the last few years, what happens with NZ interest rates has been really closely tied to what's happening with US rates. But with NZ's economy doing it really tough right now, guest writer Rodney Dickens thinks that's about to change.

08 May 2024

Rodney’s Ravings: Why the market will likely lead the fall in interest rates

The Reserve Bank has a tradition of being too slow to hike and cut and is likely to continue this tradition because of its poor forecasting and lack of understanding of what is going on at the coalface of the economy. The market, however, is usually quicker to respond — will it be the one to lead a fall in interest rates this year?

10 April 2024

Rodney's Ravings: RBNZ doesn't need new labour market indicators, it needs better judgement

New research from the RBNZ highlights the four key indicators that (it believes) give us the best idea of where inflation is at, and where it's headed. But Squirrel guest blogger, Rodney Dickens, reckons it's the RBNZ's judgement that needs work more than anything.

06 March 2024

Rodney's Ravings: The major flaws in the Reserve Bank's OCR decision-making

Once inflation's got its hooks in, it can take years for interest rate hikes to trickle through and reverse the damage. But, as Rodney Dickens explains, a more proactive approach from the RBNZ could go a long way to solving that problem.

13 February 2024

Rodney's Ravings: The government's heavy hand in inflation woes

Price rises in recent years have hit some areas much harder than others - and Squirrel guest blogger, Rodney Dickens, reckons the government's got something to do with that (and not in a good way).

09 November 2022

Rodney's Ravings: Auckland's decline will sow the seeds for its next outperformance

A mix of high residential construction levels and a falling population has proven a bit of a nasty cocktail for Auckland house prices. But they're the same factors that will usher in the region's recovery.

12 October 2022

Rodney's Ravings: Seldom has residential building been more important

With sentiment across New Zealand's residential building sector at a new low right now, what are the implications for our construction sector, and the wider economy?

08 September 2022

Rodney's Ravings: The case for a market-led fall in interest rates

Recent interest rate hikes have hit the economy, hard. While the Reserve Bank forges on with aggressive OCR increases, the market is reading the signs.

10 August 2022

Rodney's Ravings: Economics works even if bank economists don't understand it

The experts have been predicting a “soft landing” for the New Zealand economy - but are we in fact well past the point of no return on the road to recession?